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Philips console gaming monitors
Philips monitors take console gaming to the next level with brand new 558M1RY and 278M1R.
Antec NP90 power adapter
In need of a replacement or extra power adapter for your laptop There are of course the replacement for your named brand, but there are also high quality third party ones and today we take a look at one.
The Park on PS4 and XBOX One
The Park, Funcoms single-player psychological horror experience, is launching on Playstation 4 and XBOX One on May 3rd, 2016
Sleeping Dogs - Preview Press Event
Weve had the opportunity to have a look at the upcoming True Crime.. err, Sleeping Dogs game from United Front and Square Enix. A violent open-world game with a Hong Kong theme...
Syndicate - Launch trailer
We have today received the launch trailer for Syndicate, a game that we really look forward to try out. The game has its roots back in the Amiga age in the late 80s and beginning of the 1990s. It sure has been a while since we played it and this version c...
Razer Nostromo gaming keypad
Razer today announced their new gaming keypad, Nostromo. Based on the Belkin product, but Razer-modified. Lots of nice blue color and seems to be packed with lots of features.To find out more, click the link below.
Antec releases High Current Pro power supply
Antec releases a new series of power supplies named High Current Pro. At launch they come in four flavors from 750W up to 1200W for the most demanding systems.These new power supplies all achieve the 80 PLUS Gold certification and delivering up to 92 effi...
Aliens vs Predator Demo - Successful!
The demo for Aliens vs Predator is apparently the most successful download in all of SEGAs history, according to SEGA. Head on to the pressrelease to find out more.
Shattered Horizon Gets Free Weekend on Steam
For all of you who havent been able to play Shattered Horizon yet, be sure to boot up Steam and get your free weekend with Shattered Horizon.This weekend, February 19th until the 21st will be totally free to play the game.More information in the pressrele...
Major Update to Shattered Horizon™ Released
Shattered Horizon has just been upgraded with the brand new content pack named Moonrise which also has been made available for free for all users who own a copy of Shattered Horizon.Check out the pressrelease for screenshots and a short ingame movienbspfr...
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