Article: Sellsword Jaeyun Joins Brawlhalla
Sellsword Jaeyun Joins Brawlhalla® as 50th Legend, Jaeyun brings new Greatsword weapon to Brawlhalla.
Article: Overcooked! 2 DLC
Overcooked! 2 serves up new summery dishes with free DLC
Article: Worms Rumble
Frantic real-time combat, cross-play, and up-to-32-player mult
Article: Wobbly Jungle
Wobbly Jungle offers hours of solo gaming fun!
The Park on PS4 and XBOX One
The Park, Funcom's single-player psychological horror experience, is launching on Playstation 4 and XBOX One on May 3rd, 2016
Arcade Game Series
Longing for those old games that are hardly available today if you dont own some old hardware? Four classic arcade games are coming back on the 20th of April.
Stellaris now available for Pre-Order
Stellaris challenges players to explore a new universe and establish an empire across the stars, venturing into new territory for Paradox’s traditionally historical games
Asterix and Friends
Build your own Gaulish village in Asterix’s world. Embark on an epic adventure, explore the world, join forces with your friends and create powerful guilds to fight back the Roman army.
Motoranch VR46
Take part in the engaging Flat Track races, compete in Dritta e Rovescia, experience the adrenaline of the Americana and be part of one of the most exclusive event of the year called EnduRanch.
Dark Souls III Released
Bandai Namco today released Dark Souls III, the latest chapter of the critically acclaimed DARK SOULS series.
CityNetwork aquires Fragnet
Fragnet has been acquired by CityNetwork, a leading European provider of online services such as webhosting and cloudservice. With this purchase, CityNetwork is now on top of the game hosting service as well.
The Escapists - Santa's Sweatshop
Team17 releases a free Christmas DLC for the Escapists which features a brand new type of challenge.
Strike Suit Zero - Discount

OnLive and Born Ready Games are offering a 75% discount on Strike Suit Zero and a free month of the new "Play Anywhere" CloudLift service until 21st March.

Read on to find out more about the game and how to get what seems to be a really awesome game!

Deus Ex: Universe - A new online game?

For those who like, love and breathe Deus Ex, there is a new game in the works. Announced by David Anfossi over at the montreal office of Eidos, is a new online version of Deus Ex called Universe. Wether this will be an MMO or something else, is still unclear. But they have been working on this game already for some time, so while its still "early", we certainly have something to look forward to. Continue on the link below for more information and a teaser.

TERA: Rising - October update

The fantasy world of action MMO TERA: Rising is being enhanced with additional content. The Steampunk workshop update provides player groups from level 60 with four brand-new dungeons consisting of a 10 player raid, a 3 or 5 player instance and a defence dungeon for 7 players. Heroes that face new dangers will be rewarded with an abundance of loot. Aside from the items included in the new PvE game content, the selection of PvP and crafting items has been increased. The item shop also gets some new additions: impressive Steampunk style equipment adds visual diversity.

Check out the full press release on the link to see more images from the update.

Scourge: Outbreak - DLC Map pack out now

Tragnarion Studios announced that their latest DLC, downloadable content, for the game Scourge: Outbreak is out now, called "Blindside". Featuring six new maps. Have a look at the pressrelease and check out some new footage by clicking on the image above.

RIFT - Infernal Dawn Trailer

The Ascended face off against the Dragon gods Maelforge and Laethys in the latest Rift™ trailer from Trion Worlds. Profiling the new 20-person raid in the upcoming Infernal Dawn update, the trailer takes viewers through the cavernous interior of Mount Carcera on Ember isle, providing a peek at unreal boss encounters, the magma-drifting Dread Fortune.

Check out the new trailer when you read on!

Sleeping Dogs - Preview Press Event

We've had the opportunity to have a look at the upcoming True Crime.. err, Sleeping Dogs game from United Front and Square Enix. A violent open-world game with a Hong Kong theme...

Unstoppable Gorg - Special deal on Steam today!

If you haven't tried the latest game from Futuremark already, namely the Unstoppable Gorg, you have your biggest chance for a great game at an even greater price. Read on to find out the special deal Steam has for the game right now!

Diablo III - Release date

Diablo III has got a release date, finally! For the full press release, follow the link.

Rift Anniversary - We're just getting started

Rift has now turned 1 year and they're celebrating with a brand new video that we host on our Youtube channel. Have a look!

End of Nations - Game preview

We've got a first hand-on preview of the upcoming game End of Nations. A game created by the guys behind Command & Conquer, back in the day. Read on to find out what our reaction to the game was.

Syndicate - Launch trailer

We have today received the launch trailer for Syndicate, a game that we really look forward to try out. The game has its roots back in the Amiga age in the late 80s and beginning of the 1990s. It sure has been a while since we played it and this version comes with a whole new feeling. Can it stand up to what we played on the Amiga so many years ago? I hope so, we'll see.

Check out the launch trailer on the link below. 

Unstoppable Gorg - Demo

If you have been looking at the latest Futuremark game, Unstoppable Gorg, but haven't yet decided if it's worth the money. Check out the following links to get ahold of a demo of the game with four levels from the full game including the really fun and well-done ingame movies of course.

For those that are on PC, check the following link

And for those on MAC, check this link

Please remember that these links are to program files, but as the links goes to the official Unstoppable Gorg website, we believe that these are safe files.

Puzzle Wars - iPhone, iPod, iPad

PAN Vision released a pressrelease containing some information about the new game Pirates vs Ninjas vs Zombies vs Pandas: Puzzle Wars, it is available today from the App Store for USD $0.99 and is Game Center enabled.

This game looks like a perfect time killer when you're on the train or bus to work.

For more pictures and links, head right on. 

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