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Sharkoon new case REV220
Sharkoon releases a new case with a chic front panel, with carbon fiber looks.
Antec GX1200
Det bästa gaming chassit Vi tar en titt på GX1200 från Antec, ganska snyggt och stilrent med LED belysning inbyggt.
Antec GX1200
The next best gaming case Well have a look on GX1200 from Antec today which is quite stylish and has some nice LED features built in.
Antec GX1200 Release
Antec is celebrating their 30th anniversary with the all new GX1200 gaming mid-tower. The GX1200 is a successful blend of stylish design and cooling performance. Read on to find out more
BitFenix Pandora ATX
BitFenix has released yet another stylish case. It features great thinking when it comes to watercooling enthusiasts and it also features a display in the front.
EVGA announces Hadron chassis
Today EVGA, the manufacturer of high performance and high quality graphics cards and mother boards, to name a few of their products, announced a brand new chassis, called Hadron. This stylish case is made for mini ITX motherboards, but that shouldnt stop ...
Corsair announces - PC cases and Wireless Headset
Corsair today announced a few new products in their Vengeance Gaming series. Three new computer cases and a pair of wireless headphones with a mic. For more information, read on.
Corsair Carbide 500R
Today were having a look on the Corsair Carbide 500R, a white-black themed mid-tower with lots of features. Head on to our review to read more.
Prolimatech Samuel 17
Were today taking a look at the Samuel 17, a low profile CPU cooler from Prolimatech. This cooler might be a good cooler for an HTPC setup or some other small media computer. Well take a look at its performance and see what it will be good for.
Xigmatek Aegir
Today we take a look at a new CPU cooler named Aegir, from Xigmatek. A gigantic cooler with a 120mm LED fan included. Based on a double layer H.D.T cooling system and bundled together with the Aegir Norwegian god, Xigmatek believes that this cooler will b...
Scythe announces Gekkou
Scythe has today announced a new case to their line of products. This new case is named Gekkou and is available in two versions Standard and Silent.The difference between them seems to be that the silent version features some noise dampening mats on the i...
IKONIK introduces EN series
Ikonik today sent us some information about their two newest chassis, in their also new category named EN Series. We have gotten information about EN1 and EN2, where the EN2 is already available at least in the Swedish market.Head on to find out more abou...
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