Swiftech H2O-220 Apex Ultima

Christopher Fredriksson

Today we've taken a look at the H2O-220 Apex Ultima water-cooling kit put together by Swiftech. A kit that combines all the necessary components needed to go almost fully water-cooled, the only exception is the radiator fans and perhaps one intake and one exhaust fan if you'd like.

If you then have a fan-less graphics card you would have a very quiet computer. But if you have, like me and many others a high-end graphics card that has some really noisy air-cooler mounted on it you might want to take a look at the after-market for water blocks to your graphics card.

Swiftech is one of those who have released a water block for the GeForce GTX285, hopefully there will be another block for the GTX295 as well in the near future, for the "old" version of these cards as the "new" will only consist of one single PCB.

The "old" GTX295 consists of two PCB with an internal SLI bridge, so basically it's two graphic cards with a single SLI bridge between them.


But now we're talking about the H2O-220 Apex Ultima kit and I must say that, even though I know water-cooling does pretty much always out-perform air-cooling I was amazed with the good cooling this kit could give me.

It does show that Swiftech has really worked with putting the components together and haven't chosen some half-good products just to come out with yet another kit.

This kit really does work and I can really recommend this kit, both for overclockers who would like to push their system to the max as you also have the great addition of "Stack" radiators if you need more performance from your cooling system.

But I can also recommend this for the normal gamer and for people who're a little more handy than normal. As long as you know what's inside a computer and what a screw and screwdriver is you can definitely install this kit in your computer and benefit from the better cooling and the increased silence from your computer rig.

Finally I would like to thank Swiftech and Bacata for sending this testkit out to us for testing.



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